Attention, mystery lovers: Nickelodeon is premiering a new show tonight that promises thrilling adventure and a mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Hunter Street is Nick’s newest teen comedy adventure series, and the premiere episode sets in motion a series of secrets, clues, twists and turns that will inspire you to channel your inner sleuth each week.

Hunter Street follows Max (Stony Blyden), a teen in foster care who must adjust to his new home alongside foster siblings Tess (MaeMae Renfrow), Anika (Kyra Smith), Sal (Daan Creyghton) and Daniel (Thomas Jansen). When their foster parents go missing, the kids begin a suspenseful adventure to solve the mystery of their parents’ disappearance and to keep their household running all by themselves. The group must work together to decipher a web of clues, hidden passages and secrets to figure out why their foster parents disappeared.

We caught up with Hunter Street stars MaeMae Renfrow and Stony Blyden to get the scoop on the new show, the cast and the many mysteries of Hunter Street. See what the stars has to say about being behind the scenes of this thrilling adventure, and be sure to tune into Hunter Street, airing tonight at 7 pm on Nickelodeon!