Clear your schedules for Friday, August 12, because the girl-power-packed hit Project Mc2 returns to Netflix for Season 2! Project Mc2 follows four teenage spies as they use their knowledge of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) to save the world while working for the top-secret spy organization NOV8. Packed with action and adventure, the show is also full of inspiration for girls interested in STEAM-related fields, and with each episode, the girl spies prove that smart is definitely the new cool!

We chatted with Project Mc2 stars Mika Abdalla (McKeyla McAlister), Genneya Walton (Bryden Bandweth), Ysa Penarejo (Camryn Coyle) and Victoria Vida (Adrienne Atoms) to get the behind-the-scenes scoop and learn more about the upcoming season. Find out how the girls get along both on and off screen, and see if they would be good spies in real life. Get excited for the Season 2 premiere and get up to speed with these four starlets in our interview below!

Justine Magazine: What three words would you use to describe your character?

Victoria Vida: “I would say Adrienne is passionate, kind and strong. She’s very passionate about science and STEAM. She’s very kind to her family and friends, and she’s very strong because she will do anything and everything to stand up for them.”

Genneya Walton: “Bryden is energetic, funky and bright. I think she’s an amped-up version of me.”

Mika Abdalla: “McKeyla is awkward, but also very smart and prepared. She has so many tricks up her sleeves, she’s prepared for whatever life throws at her.”

Justine Magazine: What makes your character a good spy?

Victoria Vida: “Adrienne, even if she’s scared of something she will do it, no matter what. She always has the ingredients in her purse to make up something fantastic and complete the mission.”

Genneya Walton: “You wouldn’t expect Bryden to be a spy because she’s not a very undercover person. You notice her in a crowd. I think that’s what makes her good because you wouldn’t expect her to be a spy.”

Mika Abdalla: “I think it’s the fact that McKeyla’s very focused. She doesn’t let other things distract her, even when she meets these other girls and goes to a new school. Nothing can get in between her and her mission.”

Project Mc2

Genneya Walton, Mika Abdalla, Victoria Vida and Ysa Penarejo

Justine Magazine: What is your favorite spy gadget from the show? 

Victoria Vida: “I love my purse. It’s one of my favorite props that I use in the show. I have a nail polish that becomes a flashlight, and all of my gadgets go in my purse. My purse kind of works like a weapon, too.”

Mika Abdalla: “Honestly, I love A.D.I.S.N. I love the concept of having a talking notebook. It’s like Siri but always listening.”

Justine Magazine: Do you think you’d be a good spy in real life?

Victoria Vida: “I would be a good spy because my family is very dear to me. I wouldn’t want those people to be in harm’s way.”

Genneya Walton: “I don’t think I’d be a good spy in real life because I know I’d want to tell people that I was one. I think that’s like the first rule…”

Mika Abdalla: “Probably not. I’m very awkward like McKeyla, but I’m not as smooth and prepared for things. I would be too nervous.”

Justine Magazine: Did you have an interest in STEAM subjects before the show?

Victoria Vida: “I’ve always been very interested in STEAM. We girls, we shouldn’t underestimate ourselves. We should believe in what we want to do and work hard for it. I think it’s very cool what STEAM does for them.”

Genneya Walton: “In real life, I’m more of a science person rather than technology like Bryden, but yes, I did have a prior interest in STEAM.”

Mika Abdalla: “Math has always been my favorite subject in school so I was more into it than my other friends. Most girls aren’t into STEAM, so I was actually very excited to finally get a program out there targeting this audience that has never really been targeted with this subject. I’m also a big James Bond fan so I thought being cast as a secret agent was just like the coolest thing ever.”

Justine Magazine: Your show is all about empowering young girls. What do you think stops girls from pursuing an interest in STEAM topics?

Victoria Vida: “I believe the stereotype that STEAM is only for boys is a big problem that affects girls. They think girls can’t be smart and stylish. They can’t be smart and funny. In my opinion, you can be smart and be you at the same time. Being smart is just an additional quality that makes you even more amazing. We have the hashtag #smartisthenewcool, but in my opinion, smart has always been cool.”

Genneya Walton: “Society didn’t stop girls from approaching STEAM, but they didn’t encourage it in the way they did for boys. Boys were exposed to STEAM in toys and television, whereas girls weren’t, and that early exposure is what starts the initial interest. Therefore, the opportunity did not present itself to most girls early on. Project Mc2 is working to fix that.”

Mika Abdalla: “The thought has always been that if you’re into science or math that you’re kind of nerdy. Girls have always thought that they need to dumb down to make some guy like them, when in reality, our show is showing girls that you don’t have to dumb down to make anyone else feel better about themselves.”

Justine Magazine: What we expect from Season 2?

Mika Abdalla: “As a whole, Season 2 just shows you even more sides to McKeyla and the girls. I really enjoyed it because it shows the girls in more normal life situations. Seeing what it’s like in school while you’re trying to be a secret agent and save the world, but also trying to fit in and keep this secret. It’s really cool and it’s a lot more dynamic.”