Fall is in the air! Time to update your wardrobe, but what about your room decor? Check out a few of our favorite (and easy!) festive fall DIYs to spruce up your digs…

1. Stenciled Fall Pillows:


• Plain canvas pillow
• Large (12×12) mixed media stencil (We heart these)
• Multi-surface or fabric paint

1. Place the stencil in the center of the pillow & secure with painter’s tape
2. Grab a paint brush (or sponge brush) & get painting!
3. Move the stencil down or over to cover the area you are designing

2. Autumn Leaf Coasters:


• Thin cork squares (found at craft stores)
• Sharp scissors
• Leaf-shaped cookie cutters (unless you’re super artistic and can freehand!)

1. Place the cookie cutter on the cork and trace it, or draw your own leaf design
2. Cut out the leaf
3. Pour yourself a glass of delicious apple cider and put your coaster to use!

3. Sweet Votives:


• Craft glue
• Small glass jar
• Light cotton fabric— we recommend fall colors and patterns
• Paint brush
• Plastic cup for mixing
• Scissors

1. Cut strips of fabric long enough to stretch from the bottom to the rim of the jar
2. Mix craft glue with water until it’s a milky consistency and soak a strip of fabric in it. (Use your fingers to wick off the excess)
3. Stick fabric strip to the inside of the jar, pattern side facing the glass. Repeat until jar is covered.
4. Cut any excess fabric from the top of the jar
5. Stick a battery-operated tea light inside and voila!