echosmith concert coverage

Hi, I’m Kyah and I WON the Justine Magazine Echosmith concert ticket contest!

The show started with the opening band, The Colourist. Fans were cheering and singing along.

I got more and more excited while waiting for the stage to be switched out for Echosmith! Finally Graham came on stage and started playing the drums. I instantly knew they were starting the show with “Ran Off in the Night.” Next, Jamie and Noah joined him and began playing the guitar and bass while dancing around the stage. Finally, Sydney took the stage wearing a sparkling silver and white dress. She was so beautiful it was hard to focus on anything but her!

I was so glad that they sang all of my favorite songs: “Bright,” “Nothing’s Wrong,” “We’re Not Alone” and, of course, “Cool Kids.” My favorite part of the show was during “Bright” when Sydney, Jamie and Noah sang a cappella harmony together. Their voices were so beautiful—it was a moment I’ll never forget!

I’m so thankful that I was chosen as the winner. I had an amazing time! Echosmith put on a fantastic show that I will never forget!