In our latest issue, we chatted with Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien and picked up some of her tips for cooking in a dorm room and healthy microwave recipes that you can easily whip up! Check out these simple, quick recipes to keep you full!

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Want scrambled eggs without the hassle of a stove? This Hungry Girl recipe, The Egg Mug Classic, only requires a mug and a microwave and takes less than a minute to make. Perfect for those 8 a.m. classes!
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Forget those expensive burrito places down the street. Save some much-needed cashola AND calories! This easy Chili-Frito burrito recipe will warm you up and fill you up with waaay fewer calories than its fast-food friends!
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For a quick bite between meals, Hungry Girl recommends a Salsa-fied Tuna Snack. This recipe has only three ingredients, but the taste can’t be beat.
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Try the 1-2-3 BLT recipe and get a classic diner meal in mere minutes!
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