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We can’t get enough of 14-year-old Dylan Sprayberry and his new title as Young Superman in Man of Steel. Find out what he’s up to behind the scenes and why he’s so passionate about his acting career. For more on Dylan, be sure and grab a copy of our June/July issue!

Do you see yourself in teenage Clark Kent at all?
Yeah, I think every role that I do I have to put myself into it to make the character real for me. I think the main thing is really knowing what the right and the wrong thing to do in every situation is. That’s what makes him a superhero.

We hear that you’ve taken an interest in creating and directing short films already. Is this any hint as to what’s to come?
Yeah, I have done some short films more in the hopes to expand into maybe a show or maybe just a bigger short film. Directing would definitely be something I want to do as I get older, as well as acting.

You’re acting alongside some pretty big names in this film. Do you ever get used to working with such well-known actors and actresses, or do you still find yourself starstruck?
Of course I get excited to meet, you know, legendary actors and actresses, but I don’t think I get starstruck because the first thing I put in my mind is being the character and even though I’m working with people like Kevin Costner, the person I see is the character.

Any funny or memorable behind-the-scenes moments that took place on the set of Man of Steel?
Two different things probably; first would be getting a call from Diane Lane on my dad’s cell asking us to go bowling and play laser tag with her… that was just crazy, we went bowling and laser tagging for day, that was just awesome… just a great day. And it was hilarious that she had to call my dad to ask if I could do those two things. Aside from that one of the coolest things I’ve gotten to do is meet Henry Cavill. I wanted to meet him and they actually let me go meet him on set when I was done filing and we had a break – he was in his whole Superman outfit and everything!

Favorite Apps – Instagram and Subway Surfers
Celebrity Crushes – Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson
Biggest Fear – Spiders
Playing on iPod – Tupac, Jack White, Mumford & Sons
Biggest Pet Peeve – Wrinkles in my clothes
Dream Destination – Tahiti