The new season of Dancing With The Stars is finally here! After what seems like ages, the glam, glitz, fancy footwork and fantastic looks will surely keep us hooked til the finale! We recently chatted with Willow about DWTS, fashion and Hunger Games. Take a look and then read on to see our top picks this season!

Our top three fave contestants include:

1. The incredibly talented, athletic and flexible… Nastia Liukin! Gymnasts seems to do so well in DWTS! Will Nastia incorporate any tumbling into her dance routines?! Can’t wait to see!

2. The energetic, fun and musical class clown… Riker Lynch! His smooth skills and great looks will be so fun to watch! Will the rest of R5 be in the crowd? Will he dance to his own music? (Hopefully R5 will perform!)

And last but certainly not least:

3. The adorable, talented and creative sweetheart… Willow Shields! We can’t wait to see her stunning style in all of the gowns! Hopefully she will endure the games just like her sister Katniss! Ok, ok, we know that was just a movie but she will always be an Everdeen in our hearts with the odds always in her favor…and that has to count for something! Right?!