Inspired by the rock-n-roll in every girl, the fashion stud has become a signature accessory to glamming up any look. Louboutin to Vince Camuto, these small additions are all the rage . . . perfect for a fierce wedge, a chic lapel or a pair of urban, denim shorts. And you can recreate this stylish trend without breaking the bank.


Step 1. Start with a plain pair of wedges – either newly purchased or recycled.
(A great way to refurbish your favorite pair from last spring!) Cork or covered wedges will work best, but platform or wooden can also be used.


Step 2. Pick your studs!
Thumbtack style studs can be applied on cork or covered wedges and are a breeze to use and reorganize to fit your daily style. Thumbtack studs can be purchased on Etsy for as little as $1 for 50 pieces or at most craft stores. You can also use decorative hardware nails. This approach requires a little more planning but your design will last much longer.


Step 3. Design your pattern!
This is the fun part – you are the artist! No two pair will look the same. Once you have a pattern, use a pen and ruler to draw lines on the wedge. This will help keep your studs on the straight and narrow!


Step 4. Start studding.
Depending on your design, start from the bottom and work your way up. That way that no studs will drag the ground. Studs can be overlapped to give your design a fuller look.