Put some sparkle in your step with glitter-covered tennis shoes! One of our fave contributing editors, Gwen, and her BFF Kendall tried their hands at a dazzling DIY.

You’ll need: Masking Tape, Mod Podge, assorted glitter, makeup sponges and/or paint brushes, and white canvas shoes (available at discount stores for around $5!)


1. Since craft projects can make a mess, cover your workspace with a drop cloth or old newspaper.
2. Remove the shoelaces and set them aside.


3. Use masking tape to cover the rubber sides of your shoes.


4. To make glitter glue, mix two parts Mod Podge to three parts glitter in a small disposable bowl, using separate bowls for each color.
5. Paint on! Start with a thin base layer of glitter glue; after letting the shoes dry for 20 minutes, add a thicker second layer. After another 20 minutes, make touch-ups to the trouble spots. (Use a makeup sponge to paint the layers; a teeny-tiny paint brushed work well for designs and details.)


6. Allow your shoes to dry overnight. The next day, you’ll be ready to add the laces and show off your sparklin’ shoes!

Editor’s tip: Before you begin painting, you can draw a design on your shoes with a light pencil. If you’re afraid to freehand, search online for a picture to print and trace. (Kendall painted a glittering turquoise anchor onto her left shoe!)