If you’re a budding artist with a flair for glamming up your works, take your ceramic, paper, glass, wood, plastic, Styrofoam, papier mache, wicker, pottery, and metal materials to the next glitzy level! Follow these easy DIY steps to sparkle up just about anything using the Krylon “Glitter Blast” spray paint we featured on page 26 of the June/July ’12 issue of Justine!

Here’s how to get started!
1. As any regular “craftress” knows, it’s best to tape off and cover with a drop cloth any areas that you don’t want painted, such as moveable parts of a mouse.

2. Before you spray, be sure to clean and dust all surfaces to be coated.

3. Also before you start, shake the can for 2 minutes after you hear the ball inside rattling.

4. Raise the item up off of the surface to make sure you cover then entire item without it sticking!

5. Next, spray 10 to 12 inches from the object by holding down the can’s button with a steady grip.

6. For the cleanest look, apply several coats. Between sprays, shaking the can a bit will get it going again.

7. If the can stops working, the spray tip may clogged, but don’t remove it. Instead, turn the can upside down and spray until a clear mist is achieved (This should be done routinely between uses as well).

8. The item should be dry within 20 minutes, but it’s best to give it 24 hours before moving and handling.

*Editor’s Tip— You can protect your masterpieces with Krylon’s “Glitter Blast Clear Sealer” so they’ll glimmer just the same long after the seasons fade!