They say giving is better than receiving, but is DIYing better than buying? We think so! Share this handcrafted gift from Instacraft: Fun & Simple Projects for Adorable Gifts, Decor & More with someone on your holiday list.


Acid dye
Spray Bottle

1. Follow the directions to prepare dye bath
2. Pour dye into spray bottle
3. Fold scarf over bottom rung of hanger and hang outside on a clothesline
4. Hold spray bottle a foot away from fabric and begin sprayin a foot above the bottom of the scarf
5. Spray fown the edges of the scarf, moving the spray bottle closer to the fabric as you approach the ends— this will make the color on the bottom look darker.
6. Let dry

*Tip: Remember to add white vinegar to your dye! It makes every color come out brighter.