If you have any experience babysitting, you probably know that it’s not always as easy as it looks. Disney Channel’s new movie, Adventures in Babysitting, a remake of the original 1987 classic, shows the ups and downs of childcare with a few new twists and turns along the way. We got a sneak peek at the remake starring Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson, and we can’t wait for you to see this fun-filled adventure, premiering Friday, June 24, at 8/7c!

When we sat down with the two leading ladies, we learned about their favorite scenes, what it was like when the cameras stopped rolling, and how well they worked together. We also quizzed Sabrina and Sofia to find out what kind of babysitter each of them would be in real life. Check out their results in the video below, and take the quiz for yourself to see if you’re more of a Jenny, who loves to keep everything organized and proper, or more like Lola, who just goes with the flow.

Find YOUR Babysitting Style by taking the quiz below!

1. You arrive at the house where you’re babysitting. You…

A. brought the season’s hottest DIY crafts to do with the kids.

B. plan to raid the kids’ toy chest to find something fun to play.

2. It’s game time! You…

A. suggest an educational but fun game like Monopoly or Matching.

B. build a fort out of the couch pillows and blankets.

3. The kids need to get active and burn off some energy so you…

A. set up the ultimate obstacle course after carefully thinking through the best layout.

B. start a crazy game of Hide & Seek Tickle Monster.

4. Snack time! What’s it gonna be?

A. Fruits, vegetables and something whole grain.

B. Homemade gooey s’mores.

5. The kids want to go out and do something. You take them to…

A. A museum or library to learn something new.

B. a blockbuster action/adventure movie.

6. Time for dinner! What’s the plan?

A. You’ll cook quinoa, chicken and steamed vegetables.

B. Order pizza.

7. It’s bedtime. You’re more likely to…

A. sing the kids a lullaby and read them a fairy tale.

B. tell them scary stories with a flashlight on your face.


If you answered mostly As:

Sabrina Carpenter

Your babysitting style is a lot like Jenny’s (Sabrina Carpenter)! Routine, schedules and education are extremely important to you. You want the kids you take care of to succeed just as much as you want to succeed yourself! After all, college isn’t too far away for you OR the kids! Parents trust you to take care of the kids, and that’s exactly what you do. We’re sure moms appreciate your thoughtful preparations and careful planning, but remember to make sure you have some fun with the kids, too! After all, isn’t that what we loved the most about having babysitters ?

If you answered mostly Bs:

Sofia Carson

Your babysitting style reminds us of Lola (Sofia Carson)! You’re all about being in the moment and making it a night to remember. You know the kids are probably tired of their regular routines and are ready to have some spur-of-the-moment fun! Just remember that children thrive on routine, and to nail a regular babysitting gig, you want to show the parents you care about their nutrition and education! Make sure you find time to do things like reading, and serve some veggies at dinner!

If you answered a combination of As and Bs:

You’re probably great at finding the balance between keeping the kids’ schedules and routines while adding a little babysitter fun into the night. You like to stay organized but aren’t afraid to be in the moment and go with the flow! You’re the perfect happy medium for parents and kids: a babysitter who can be responsible while having a blast! Keep up the great work!