Picture this: It’s a typical summer day, and you don’t have a clue how to cure your boredom. You could go watch a movie, chill by the pool, maybe grab some ice cream with friends? Sisters Isabel and Caroline Bercaw were faced with this exact same dilemma a few summers ago when they decided to make a successful business with their unique bath bombs! Okay, okay so it wasn’t as simple as it sounds, but that’s still pretty amazing right? Justine was lucky enough to get a chance to chat with the genius ladies behind Da Bomb Fizzers. Find out how they took their idea and turned it into something bigger, plus get the scoop on their favorite scents, their dreams for the company and their advice for teens with a great idea!

Justine Magazine: How did you both think of the concept behind these special bath bombs?

Isabel: So we were bored one summer, my sister and I–we do everything together. So we thought “Hey! Why don’t we enter in the Uptown Art Fair?” which is the local art fair where we’re from in Minneapolis, MN. We thought “Hey, this would be a great way to just do something during the summer together, a nice little hobby.” So we decided to make bath bombs at the fair, and we also decided to put surprises into the bath bombs and make them with really clean ingredients. We were 10 and 11 when we started making them, and then when the art fair rolled around we were 11 and 12.

JM: I know you guys use natural ingredients. How did you learn which ingredients to use to make the perfect formula for the bath bombs?

Caroline: We started with finding different recipes online and in books and we kind of just experimented and tried to formulate a recipe that worked for us. It took us a good year or so I would say before we were satisfied with the recipes. That was one of the problems we had with other products. When we got in the tub, we would feel dirtier than before when using other bath bombs, so we wanted to make a bath bomb that had a clean fizz. It took us a while, but eventually we formulated one that really works for us after a lot of experimenting.


JM: What do you think the biggest moment or accomplishment this company has seen thus far?

Isabel: I really love giving people jobs; that’s my personal biggest accomplishment. Because I feel like not only can we directly employ over 150 people but we can also give other people jobs–say our baking soda distributor had to hire more people to sell us baking soda—so the impact that we have on people’s jobs in our community is really awesome.

JM: Do you guys have a favorite scent that you’ve created so far?

Caroline: I really like the Earth Bomb, personally. It’s an ocean sea breeze. We actually donate money to different organizations that help clean up the ocean with that one so that’s probably another reason why I like it.

Isabel: I like the Treasure Bomb right now because glitter is big and that bath bomb is covered in a layer of gold that dissolves when you put it in water. I love the coconut fragrance and also the “F” Bomb because it calms your frustrations with lavendar scents and calming message on the inside.

JM: Anything new products or scents coming out that you can share with us?

Isabelle: We do have a book coming out this August in 2018 and it’s gonna be a really cool book with some recipes in it. I can’t give away too much information with that, but look out for that!

Caroline: We also have some new bombs coming out. The two most exciting ones we can share are the Unicorn Bomb and the Berry Bomb. They come with unique packaging.


JM: Do you guys have any advice to the Justine readers who may have a creative idea of their own but don’t know how to share it?

Isabel: I would suggest being fearless, because when we started the business, we were only 10 and 11, and we really didn’t take into account the downside of owning a business or that things go wrong. We were just really passionate about what we wanted to do and what we wanted to make happen, so we did that without really considering–we were still careful, we made calculated decisions–but we had a lot of confidence. So have a lot of confidence in your idea, and be ready to live, eat, and breathe that idea because you’re definitely gonna have to be really passionate about what you’re doing.

JM: Where do you guys hope to see yourselves or the company in the future?

Caroline: I definitely think going international would be really cool. I don’t know if that’s going to happen in the next year, but it’s definitely something we’re working towards, as well as expanding the product line!