Chances are, we’ve all had the misfortune of being bullied, teased or made fun of at one time or another, and no matter your age, it’s never an easy subject to tackle… but there’s good news! It can be overcome, and some of our favorite on-screen stars are proof. It might not be easy, and things might get a little messy in the process, but bottom line: you’re not alone, and only you have the power to determine the outcome. We had a chance to attend the Say No Bullying Festival, an organization that spreads awareness and offers support to victims, to renew our spirits and remind ourselves that even the people we look up to are not immune from the problem. Kira Kosarin, Peyton Meyer, Paris Berelc, Haley Tju and more spoke one-on-one with us about how they’ve been affected by bullying, and what they’re doing to combat it. There’s nothing like a reminder from our favorite superhero (Kira, aka Phoebe Thunderman) that even she has dealt with, does deal with it, and still manages to be one of the most confident people we know!

Check it out to get inspired yourself, and don’t forget: if you are being bullied, please reach out to a parent or adult. There is no shame in seeking help, and the only way to bring bullying to a halt is to bring it to someone’s attention first.