We all know and love the hilarious Caspar Lee, one of YouTube’s greats, so when he and his mom released a book, naturally we jumped on it. It’s no surprise that this memoir written by his own mom with Caspar’s interjections and edits had us dying laughing, but talking to him about it was equally amusing. See what Caspar had to say about the book, and if you haven’t already, grab a copy yourself!

Justine Magazine: How does it feel to have your secrets exposed in a book by your mom?
Caspar Lee: It’s embarrassing, but it’s what I signed up for. And I think a lot of people will find it funny.

JM: You’ve gotten to meet quite a few celebrities thanks to your YouRube career, so who has been your favorite, and who are you the most excited to meet?
CL: My favorite is Kevin Hart. I’d be most excited to meet someone like Justin Timberlake.

JM: What’s your favorite part of your book?
CL: Probably the part where my mum tries to explain how I started YouTube and my side of the story of how it happened and how it all came together. Also when I moved to London, how exciting that time was for me.

JM: Is there anything out of all of the things in your book that you wish you could take out?
CL: No, I’m pretty happy with most of it… Well there is this one thing where my mum talks about this girl I apparently “dated” when we were really young, but we never actually dated. We were just friends. So I kind of wish I could’ve taken that out. It’s embarrassing. It’s not true, but I found it funny.


JM: If you could film a video with anyone in the world, who would be your dream collab?
CL: I’d like to collab with Donald Trump. Not because I endorse or like him, I just think he’s funny. There’s no politician like that anywhere else in the world.

JM: You’ve been making really big things like a feature film, your YouTube is blowing up and now this book. What’s next for you?
CL: Hit the Road USA is going to be really big, I think, and I have a lot more stuff happening in that film, so I’m excited for that one to come out. I’m excited to start filming it and editing and all of that.

JM: Is there any advice that you would give young creators?
CL: My advice would be to find a group of friends who also make videos because it’s really helpful to collaborate with other people. Also, get a good microphone if you can. Try to make shorter videos at the beginning when you’re just starting out, and once you get people to really care about it, you can make longer stuff.