As fans of Ellen Hopkins’ writing, we were thrilled to catch up with her and talk about THE YOU I’VE NEVER KNOWN, her most personal book yet.

Most Anticipated July 2016 Books!

Looking for something new to read this summer? We’ve got you covered.

Shadowhunters’ Kat McNamara inspires a book series!

Back in 2013, author Tonya Kuper had the general idea for the plot of a new book series, and she knew her main character needed to pop off the page. She liked to find actors/public figures to base her characters on because it helped her visualize what those characters...

Richelle Mead: SOUNDLESS

Richelle Mead sounds off on her latest book, Soundless!

SOMETHING IN BETWEEN Interview with Melissa de la Cruz

Melissa de la Cruz has been capturing our imagination with her addictive fantasies for as long as we've been reading! Now she's stepped into new territory with her latest, the moving and heartfelt Romeo-and-Juliet immigration story, Something in Between. SOMETHING IN...

STEALING SNOW Interview with Danielle Paige

As soon as we started Danielle Paige’s romantic, adventure-packed STEALING SNOW, we knew we had to chat with her to learn more about this dark, icy and modern Snow Queen re-telling.       What inspired you to retell the story of the Snow Queen? I grew up loving fairy...