Review! HOLDING UP THE UNIVERSE by Jennifer Niven

by Spark Girl contributor, Isabel Naquin Libby Strout has been labeled “America’s Fattest Teen” and no one can seem to put aside her weight to see who she truly is. This makes going back to school hard, especially when Libby is trying to move past her mother's death...

The Lies About Truth Cover Reveal!

We fell in love with Courtney Stevens’ raw and emotional writing from the moment we opened Faking Normal. So we’re thrilled to share the exclusive cover reveal for her new book, The Lies About Truth!

Which Goddess Are You?

We loved, loved, loved all the mythology references in Aimee Carter’s Goddess Test series! Take our quiz to find out which divine diva you’re most like.

How to Write an Awesome Heroine

  By Lynn Carthage, author of HAUNTED Characters can be found all around us: shuffling to class, lingering in the locker room for a last bit of gossip, jumping off the front stairs in exhilaration for the day being over. If you’re writing fiction, you see plenty of...

Author Brendan Reichs teases NEMESIS

Catch up with author Brandon Reichs as he talks about Virals and his new series that starts with Nemesis!

Erin McCahan on Summer, Inspiration and The Lake Effect

by Sophie Schmidt     As the summer is coming to a slow close, don’t put down your beach books yet. There is still time to dip your toes into the water and crack open a new summery book to stave off the autumn vibes. One of the best books to do this with is The Lake...