Bestelling YA Authors Geek Out at Comic-Con

Can you hear us fangirling? We caught up with eight best-selling, YA, comic-loving authors Scott Westerfeld, Jason Reynolds, Rainbow Rowell, Dean Hale, Shannon Hale, Ryan North, Cecil Castellucci, and Margaret Stohl to talk cosplay, writing Marvel and DC superheroes...

Surviving High School

Author Susane Colasanti has an empowering message on how she survived bullying and you can too!

10 Reasons Hermione Granger is Our Spirit Animal

Hermione Granger is easily one of the most memorable characters from this generation and she’s also a great role model for readers everywhere. There’s lots to love about Hermione but we’ve singled out ten reasons we can call her our Spirit Animal!

Author Veronica Roth Talks “Carve the Mark”

Get ready to add this book to your reading list.

Books We’re Crushing On!

The crush that never lets us down? The ones on our bookshelf! Here are the books we're crushing on that should be at the top of your TBR list! Passenger by Alexandra Bracken In 2016, Etta Spencer discovers she is a member of a family of time travelers whose existence...

Interview With Instagram’s @booksthetics on #Bookstagram

by Sophie Schmidt If you have an Instagram account, you may have seen pictures of books floating around your feed. If you’re part of the #bookstagram community like I am, it’s likely that books consume your feed. My name is Sophie and I run the #Bookstagram account...