Imagine meeting your favorite celeb on the street. What’s your next move? Do you freak out? Ask to take a selfie? Faint? This moment may be stressfully awesome for you, but have you ever considered what that’s like for the celeb? The new movie Be Somebody, featuring Vine star Matthew Espinosa and Descendants beauty Sarah Jeffrey, explores this side of the celeb/fan dynamic. The plot centers on Jordan Jaye, a world famous pop star who wants to escape his fame. He calls upon aspiring artist Emily Lowe to help him along the way, and their adventure teaches them so much about each other and ultimately about themselves.

We chatted with the film’s stars and found out about their favorite scenes to shoot, their off-camera chemistry, their favorite craft service snacks and so much more! Plus, we asked Matt and Sarah play our singing game “Can You BE SOMEBODY Else?” so they could show off their vocal skills and celeb knowledge. Check out the game in the video below!

Don’t miss Be Somebody, opening in theaters on June 10 and available for digital download on the same day!