We all know that high school can be tough for many people, but the new comedy Mono tackles those hard topics with some humor! The movie follows Wyatt (Ty Parker), Ivan (Sam Lerner) and JP (Sarah de la Isla) as they devise a plan take over the social world at their school and put a stop to the popular bullies. How do they do this, you ask? By spreading mono among the popular kids and taking over the social scene while the reigning jocks are sick. With funny YouTubers such as Jake Paul, Christian DelGrosso and Eric Ochoa, this film is sure to have you laughing until the end!

We sat down with Mono stars Ty Parker, Christian DelGrosso, Eric Ochoa and Brandon Bowen to find out more about the movie, their favorite scenes to film, their message to “unpopular” kids and more! As you can tell from the interview, these guys love joking around, and we can’t even imagine what it was like on set!

Check out Mono here!