like a pro sonia kashuk

What are the beauty products you could not live without?
Bronzer and foundation

Many teens are using and experimenting with makeup for the first time: what do you think is the most important thing teens should know about makeup?         
I have a teenage daughter and the thing I always tell her is, “I would kill for your skin and what you look like!” Teens already have such an incredible, pure beauty about them, and the thing about makeup is it enhances their beauty and a little goes a long way. It’s just little bits and pieces that you can do to really play up your own beauty. As an adult speaking, own your youth and own your beauty, and then use makeup to enhance that.

What are your best tips for covering a zit?
There two things about covering: one is redness, so a little bit of a concealer or a yellow-based foundation can help to cover the redness and then secondly is covering the spot just with concealer. I think kids tend to want to cover up a lot but the more you put on, actually the more you see it. So use a brush to apply it—like a concealer brush. Try to control the application and keep it as sheer as possible.

What’s your favorite beauty tip?
Understanding what the power of makeup is. Understanding that a little goes a long way.

 You’ve worked with so many celebrities! We’re sure you’ve passed along your great expert tips, but are there any beauty secrets you’ve picked up from celebs?
I think you can learn from everybody because the one thing that’s interesting about celebrities or models in general, they in turn have worked with so many different makeup artists so they soak in all these tips and little things.

We love your line for Target! When it comes to products, when should you splurge and when should you save?
With my brand, I am so about doing the best possible product and making it affordable. I’ve taken that into all products that I do to make sure that I’m giving you splurge-worthy products and making them affordable. I’ve tried to make products that are so incredible in quality, but I made sure they maintain that affordable price point so that everybody can have the best in beauty.