Netflix’s Project Mc² may be all about harnessing your brain power, but the leading ladies from the series also rock some serious fashion that’s too good not to share. Belle, Genneya, Mika, Ysa and Victoria, the real ladies bringing the characters of Project Mc² to life on screen, are all fashionistas in their own right. While some of them prioritize comfy chic looks, others wouldn’t dream of leaving the house in anything but a fabulous pair of heels. Some love wardrobe basics, while others are all about incorporating a pop of color!

These ladies definitely know how to stay true to their personal styles, so we’re drawing some fashion inspo from them just in time for back-to-school season. Pick out the perfect first day fashion with a little help from the leading ladies of Project Mc². Plus, don’t miss even more fashion and all the behind-the-scenes details from our August/September cover shoot!