adi alsaid

Never Always Sometimes is the story of two best friends, Dave and Julia. Right before high school begins, they come up with a Never List of clichés they promise themselves never to do until they’re seniors. One day when they’re bored— and maybe with some ulterior motives— they decide to do all of the Nevers before graduation. As Dave and Julia start crossing off each cliché on the list, the story follows them throughout the last couple of months of high school. They’ve always been super tight-knit in their little world of two and as they do each item on the Never List, such as never run for prom king or queen, they start learning more about themselves and the people they’ve distanced themselves from in high school. The very last Never is never date your best friend, so you can kind of guess where the story goes from there… Continue reading below for an exclusive interview with author Adi Alsaid.

What would be the theme song you would select for your book?
I’m actually going to put together a playlist because there was a lot of music that came into it, and I mentioned a lot of specific songs in the book. Number one might be “That Teenage Feeling” by Neko Case— beautiful song and it’s all about teenage love.

Which one of your characters do you most closely relate to?
Now this is really hard ’cause Dave and Julia, the two main characters, they both have bits and pieces of me in them. Dave is from a Mexican family (I was born and raised in Mexico) and so he eats a lot of Mexican food, too… just like little snacks. I think I write so many snacking scenes that if someone were to break it down, they might say these characters just eat way too often. But Dave is kind of shy; he’s very loyal to his friend. He’s along for the ride, but he’s very kind and interested in other people. In high school I was a pretty shy person—I was always curious about others but I didn’t really take that step to get to know them. I think Dave is kind of me exploring what could have happened if I would have done that.

If you could collaborate with any other author it would be…?
So, one of my favorite books last year was The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslie Walton— she was a debut as well— but it was such a beautiful world that she wrote, with this subtle magical realism to it. I’m really interested in writing something along those lines where it’s kind of a contemporary romantic story but set in a world that’s a little more magical. It’d be awesome to work with her. She’s so imaginative and so creative. That would be really cool to have that collaboration and see how our writing styles match.