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BB and CC creams are the latest craze to sweep the beauty world. What’s not to love? These multitasking products hydrate, conceal, treat and protect. But with so many on the market, how’s a girl to choose? We’re sharing the ABCs on BB and CC creams to help you find the product that’s perfect for you!

BB cream, which stands for beauty or blemish balm, is a preventative cream created to be a sunscreen, moisturizer, antioxidant cream, primer, foundation and concealer all-in-one. Here are the facts:

BB creams are heavier than a tinted moisturizer but lighter than foundation.
Although they do contain SPF, experts say that most people do not apply enough for adequate sun protection. So if you’re planning to be in the sun, we recommend also using a high number SPF.
Unlike foundation, most BB creams have a limited number of color options (typically, fair-light, light-medium and medium-deep), which can make it difficult to find your perfect color match.
Since BB creams prevent future skincare issues but do not correct current issues, they are best for girls with normal skin that doesn’t require a lot of coverage.

CC cream—color or complexion correcting—is similar to BB cream, but amped up a bit to address issues like redness or unevenness. Here’s what you need to know:

Like the BB cream, CC cream contains moisturizer, sunscreen and is typically available in fair-light, light-medium and medium-deep shades.
CC cream best for issues like redness and discoloration.
It is lighter-weight than BB creams. Most formulas have a very light, whipped consistency.
Oftentimes, the SPF in CC creams will be higher than in BB creams, but you still need to be cautious with SPF.
CC creams are best used on skin with minor skin issues since its focus is on fixing those problems.