miss teen usa

When 15-year-old Katherine Haik won Miss Teen USA in August, she also set a record as the youngest girl in history to win the crown—and we’re not all that shocked. We had the opportunity to work with this multi-talented sweetheart when she modeled for our Dec/Jan issue, and of course we didn’t pass up the chance to learn more about what keeps her going! See for yourself, and then pick up a copy of Justine to check out Katherine’s totally gorge spread.

Sports Fanatic: When she’s not wowing the judges on stage, there’s a good chance you can find Katherine dancing or playing softball! After all, she’s been at it since she was a preschooler. Katherine has mastered contemporary, modern and jazz dance, and is on her school dance and softball teams. Oh, and did we mention she’s also played basketball almost her whole life?

Talent Time: While the Miss America lineup includes a talent portion in the competition, Miss USA does not. Miss Teen USA focuses on onstage question, personal interview, evening gown and swimsuit. But what would be Katherine’s talent? Don’t worry we, we asked and the answer is dance (of course!) or possibly piano.

miss teen usa2

Packed Schedule: The Miss Teen USA schedule is rigorous by itself, but throw in school work on top of it all, and that’s quite the challenge. Not only is Katherine involved in dance and softball, she’s also busy with a number of school clubs, including student council where she serves as president. Plus, somehow she found the time to attend three homecomings last fall!

Small-Town Perks: Katherine’s home town of Franklinton, LA, was so supportive of her, she came home to her face posted everywhere, signs and even a parade. There was even a watch party for the actual competition!