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The Style Club, an online retailer that partners with stars (aka tastemakers) to create limited-edition capsule collections for teens, is making dreams come true with their most recent collaboration… Kelli Berglund! With the help of her stylist to the stars, Adeel Khan, this former Justine cover girl and fierce fashionista is bringing red-carpet looks to your fingertips with the line, better known as Muse. We caught up with Kelli and she told us all about it…

Justine Magazine: Tell us about your line. 
Kelli Berglund: My stylist and I wanted to give access to awesome clothes, high-class, high-fashion, designer things. I remember I would see all these celebrities wearing really cool clothes and I wanted to dress like them but everything costs so much and it’s so excessive. So we decided to collaborate and work with The Style Club to create a line sort of with that vibe… red carpet feel but for a really affordable price. 

JM: Do you have a favorite part of the process so far?
KB: It’s been super fun just kind of coming up with the whole idea. Ever since I really started working with my stylist (Adeel) a couple years ago, he has really gotten me interested in fashion in general and learning more about designers. So getting inspired by designs that I like has influenced me to be really excited about this line. I was on Pinterest and Tumblr and just pulled ideas and different outfits and the kind of vibe I’d like. That was the most exciting part to me… being able to create my own thing from scratch. 

JM: Have you always considered yourself a fashionista? 
KB: I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with my clothes… it wasn’t until actually a couple months ago that I sort of established my style, and it’s definitely a big influence on this line because I would most definitely wear everything coming out of this line. Lately I’ve found myself going into stores and picking up things I normally wouldn’t gravitate toward in the past, and just things that are more bold and more versatile outfits that you can wear everywhere, and pairing things you normally wouldn’t pair together. 

JM: How would you describe your style in three words?
KB: Edgy (first and foremost), structural and unique

JM: Describe the Muse girl who would be wearing this line?
KB: This is honestly for the everyday girl that I was a couple years ago, wanting to dress like a high-fashion girl from the runway and on the red carpet. 

JM: Have you ever been guilty of a fashion faux pas?
KB: I’ve definitely had some red carpet looks I’m not proud of, and this one time I styled myself. I think it was two or three years ago, I was going to some Halloween event and I didn’t know if I was supposed to wear a costume so I put on an outfit that could maybe be a costume, but not really. It was just not good, and my hair was horrible and I wore this long skirt with combat boots and it was just not cute at all.