Valentine’s Day is back and we all have mixed emotions about it! Which one of our five types of Valentines are you?

1. #OverIt.

As far as you’re concerned, love is so overrated. Thank goodness you’re there to provide a quick reality check for your friends who can’t help getting caught up in the day of L-O-V-E.

2. Hopeless Romantic

You’ve done it. You’ve found true love (at least for now) and this is your time to shine. You’ve been planning how the big day will go down since… forever, so make it count!

3. Not Interested

Valentine’s Day is cool and all, but honestly all you care about is using it as an excuse to indulge. You’ll be feasting on tacos, pizza, guac and all things deemed not-romantic-date-food because why should you hold back?

4. Cry Baby

Whether it’s an ex, not being able to find the perfect outfit for your big date or just the sweetness of it all, this holiday is an emotional one. Cry it out, sister. Your perfect day is coming!

5. BFF Time

Valentine’s Day = Galentine’s Day. As long as you’re with your best friend, who cares what the rest of the world is doing?! She is your real soulmate and nothing else matters.