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This weekend the much-anticipated film version of The Fault in Our Stars will be hitting the big screen and we’re really excited here at Justine! If you’ve read the book then we are sure you already love the author, John Green, but just in case you aren’t already obsessed with him, here are five reasons you should be.

1. He considers Tumblr one of his favorite hobbies—There’s no surprise here when we say John Green loves his Tumblr. But we are happy to report that John Green will always run his Tumblr personally. How else would he unwind after a day of writing?

2. He’s proud of his brotherly love—John has worked happily with his brother Hank on their YouTube channel VlogBrothers. The two sibs have also created a total of 11 online series such as Crash Course and VidCon.

3. The POTUS helped name his baby!—Before his daughter Alice was born, during a live Google Hangout with President Barack Obama on YouTube, John and his wife Sarah asked the chief exec whether he preferred the name Alice or Eleanor. How cool is that?

4. His work as a student chaplain helped inspire TFIOS—John’s experiences working in a hospital with children are actually what inspired him to start writing and later to write the book we all love, The Fault in Our Stars.

5. He uses his fame to help give back—Along with their other projects, the Green brothers created Project for Awesome, which is kind of a 48-hour-long YouTube telethon every year. This year P4A raised about $800,000 for a wide variety of charities!