By Sophie Schmidt


Let’s take a minute here to fangirl…Strange the Dreamer is now out in the world and everyone gets to read a fabulous new book by Laini Taylor! I had the chance to catch up with this lovely lady at her event at Anderson’s Bookshop in La Grange, IL, and we got to play a round of Five Quick Questions.

Would you rather be a Godspawn or human?

Godspawn, if I could choose!

Who wins in a fight, Lazlo or Thyon?

Oh man, what kind of fight? I’m gonna have to go with Thyon.

Favorite Godspawn gift?

I know this sounds a little cliché, but I would want the same gift that Sarai wants—to be able to fly. There is one who can cancel out all of the gifts of the gods surrounding her called a pirate, but that doesn’t come into play until the second book!

Which of the mythical creatures would you keep as a pet?

Definitely a spectral.

Dreamer or a realist?

Dreamer, of course!

Be sure to check out Strange the Dreamer! It’s a fantastic book that builds a world of mystery and intrigue with a librarian as a main character. This is one you don’t want to miss.