You may think you know exactly what your type is when it comes to guys, but take our quiz and see if you’re right! Your Prince Charming may be right around the corner…

Location aside, your favorite way to spend a day off of school is…
a) Going on an adventurous hike in the woods
b) Taking a long walk on the beach, stopping only to frolic in the waves
c) Hanging at my best friend’s house rewatching our favorite blockbusters

How many guy friends do you have?
a) Enough for a game of touch football
b) Guy friend? Boyfriend or no friend.
c) Just one and he’s my best friend

The one thing you can’t leave the house without is…
a) A ponytail holder… mine’s basically a part of my wrist because you never know!
b) Lip gloss, of course!
c) My phone in case my best friend texts me… or I need to send a SnapChat!

My dream date is…
a) Simple and sweet picnic in the park
b) A totally private candlelight dinner
c) Checking out the latest box office hit and grabbing a late dinner

My celeb crush is…
a) Taylor Lautner — a manly man!
b) Ryan Gosling— totally dreamy
c) Logan Lerman— definition of boy next door

My dream vacation is…
a) Costa Rica—I want to climb the highest mountains and sail the open seas!
b) Paris—ooh la la!
c) San Francisco—love that vibe!

The best way to get a guy’s attention is…
a) Beat him at his favorite game. Soccer, baseball, ultimate frisbee… you name it!
b) Be coy and slowly win him over!
c) Friends first… always!

Mostly As: Your type is an outdoorsman! As long as you’re in the sun, the two of you can have fun kayaking up a river or sitting on your front porch catching up. He doesn’t have to pamper you to make you feel comfortable, and, honestly, you don’t want him to! You both love a good challenge, and with your laid-back and sporty attitudes, you’re bound to keep each other on your toes with some friendly competition!

Mostly Bs: Your type is a romantic! You expect top-notch pampering like walks on the beach and candlelit dinners, so make sure you find a guy who shares these interests—because you are no everyday girl! You love a good surprise and he’ll want you to feel like a princess at all times. Flowers on your birthday are just the beginning for your dream guy…

Mostly Cs: They always say the love of your life may be right under your nose! Love of your life or summer guy, maybe your type could be in closer reach than you think! Maybe it’s time to take a step back and look at your guy friends that you love so much… you might see something different one day!