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Actress Jade Pettyjohn is quite the rockstar, and it’s not just because of her love of all things music, past and present. These days, Jade can be seen taking on a number of roles on various screens, but we’re currently obsessing over her role as Summer on Nickelodeon’s School of Rock. Summer, inspired by Miranda Cosgrove’s character in the 2003 flick starring Jack Black, is the token overachiever, but ultimately it lands her in the position of band manager, and hilarity ensues. We recently caught up with starlet to hear more about her role as Summer, as well as her other projects, including indie film Girl Flu and her Youtube web series, Jade’s Jukebox. Check it out and don’t miss the School of Rock season finale on Nickelodeon, Saturday, June 18!

What is your favorite thing about your character,  Summer?
As much as my character is an overachiever, she actually does stand up for what she believes in, which is something I really like about her. When she believes in something, she really states it strongly and she gets things done. She is such a boss in that way, so I love her!

Summer crushes on a boy named Freddy in School of Rock. Who is your real life celeb crush?
Okay I have two… Dylan O’Brian because he is beautiful and amazing and he is so talented. If I ever saw him I would totally freak out! (laughs) And then Grant Gustin from The Flash because he’s The Flash… I mean come on, guys! (laughs)

Besides attending School of Rock on set, how else do you get an education?
I am actually one of the only kids that actually goes to an actual high school and not just the online school. So if I am not working I am there, but when I am working, I do school on set. I think it is super important to have a good education, so that definitely comes first.

You also play the character of “Bird” in the new film Girl Flu. How does this role differ from your other ones?
Oh, they are completely different in every way possible. Girl Flu is an independent film, so it’s a totally different genre and style, so everything about the way I created that character is different, and the way I portrayed her is a totally different kind of comedy. Summer is very upbeat and colorful and Bird is a little bit more real.

We love your web series, Jade’s Jukebox, and the way you share your unconventional music obsessions through covers and informational videos. Tell us, what is your favorite cover that you’ve done thus far?
I think Melanie Martinez. I did a cover of a Melanie Martinez song called “Mr. Potato Head” , and that one is really fun. I like the message in that song.

What impact do you want your web stories to have on your fans?
Well when you’re listening to Jade’s Jukebox it’s all about music, right? Well I have such an interesting and weird taste in music that I absolutely love talking about it, so I want my fans and people who are watching to be exposed to different kinds of bands and to find an interest in that because there’s so much music in this world. There is so much more than just what’s on the radio and I hope that people get inspired by them.

Who is one person you’d like to work with in the future?
Just one person? I want to work with everyone! (laughs) I would love to work with Emma Stone. She is so talented and really into her craft, but she also seems like such a cool person.

Have you ever had a major starstruck moment?
I definitely have. I had a starstruck moment actually on our show (laughs) when Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy guest starred on our show. I absolutely love Pete Wentz, so when I saw him I was just like “WHAT YOU’RE PETE WENTZ!”

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