liul and mad

Hailing from the modest Midwest, indie pop rocker sisters Lily and Madeleine are shaking things up with their electric sound. The music is deep and melodic, and their message to listeners and fellow young women is blunt: to be shamelessly, unapologetically Y-O-U. Check out their latest album and see what the girls have to say…

Justine Magazine: How would you sum up the impact that your own music and working together has had on your lives?
Lily: It’s just made me a lot more confident in doing music, and also doing the business aspect of our music has made me feel more knowledgeable, more confident and more in charge of what we’re doing. 

JM: Your two albums are very different because of your different writing styles. How would you describe your different styles?
Madeleine: My songs are more like narratives, or more like stories, and a bit more theatrical. Lily’s songs are more like a stream of thoughts like “Westfield” and “Smoketricks.”

JM: Tell me about your writing process. Where do you do your best writing? Is there a certain place you go or is there a certain comfort that helps you?
M: I find a lot of inspiration when I’m driving… it’s easy to let my mind wander a lot when I’m driving and just create melodies and whatnot from there. Also I really like to write down ideas I have on my notepad app on my phone. Sometimes when I’m writing, I don’t even realize what I’m writing about until I’m like halfway through the song and then I realize how my life experience has shaped the song, whereas, you know, I started out with a kind of random idea. 

JM: You guys said you loved getting to try different foods while on tour. What’s the best food you’ve had on the road?
L+M: We always get Vietnamese food on tour because it’s really filling. I’m excited to get tacos and barbecue when we’re in Texas… I freakin’ love barbecue!

Sister most likely to…

Eat every bite of her own meal and the rest of the team’s leftovers when you’re out on tour:
L: Oh, I think Madeleine, for sure!

Take her performance outfit to the next level with extra creative touches:
L: Definitely Madeleine; she loves her performance outfits! 

Trip on the one cord laying out on stage:
L+M: Either one of us!

Bust out laughing at an inappropriate time:
L: Maybe me…
M: I think that would be Lily!

Get distracted by the adorable stray pup outside the studio:
L+M: Oh, that’s probably both of us!

Get homesick on tour:
L: I would say Madeleine, probably…
M: Yeah, I get homesick a lot on tour.

Need more time:
M: Probably Lily… because Lily likes to sleep late whenever she can!

For more from Lily and Madeleine, check out our June/July issue on newsstands now!