Netflix’s Project Mc2 is a binge-worthy favorite of ours with its mix of spies, adventure and fiercely fabulous friends. This girl-power-packed series is on a mission to prove that smart is the new cool as a group of teen spies use their knowledge of science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) to save the world. The girls contribute with their own unique skills to complete each mission, all while keeping their identities secret and living “normal” teenage lives. Talk about serious #squadgoals!

In honor of the release of Season 3, we sat down with the stars of Project Mc2 to test their skills with different challenging scenarios. See if they successfully complete their mission in the video above, and find out which girl you identify with the most. Plus, see how these besties interact on a more personal level as they chat about each other’s best qualities. It’s all in the video below!