Here’s our worst nightmare: you get to prom, you start to groove on the dance floor, and then ten minutes later, there’s mascara running down your face, your bra straps are showing, and your hair is a big mess. Prom-proof yourself with our tips and stay photo-ready fresh all night!

1.  Even though we know you’ll probably kick off your heels before you hit the dance floor, we recommend breaking them in first! Put on a pair of thick socks with your new shoes and aim a hair dryer at the parts that rub, like the heels and pinkies, for about 15 seconds while wiggling your toes. Say buh-bye to blisters!

2. A little prep work never hurt anyone! Take the steps to set up your skin before you put on your makeup; it’ll give you a fresh look even late into the night. Apply a face lotion after cleansing, and then wait at least a half hour before makeup so that your skin can soak up all the moisture and not look greasy. Then, it’s prime time! Priming your skin as a first step will make your foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick go on easier and last so much longer. We like the High Definition Primer, $17, the Proof It Eyeshadow Primer, $7, and the Lip Primer, $7, all from NYX!


3. Whether you, your friend, or a professional applied your makeup, we know a lot of thought went into your prom beauty. That’s why having it wear off or melt away during the night is an unacceptable no-no. Lock it into place by spritzing a little hairspray on your face! Yes, we’re serious. This trick will make your makeup absolutely bulletproof. Gently shut your eyes, hold the can about 10-12 inches away and spray! One quick coat will be more than enough. Try Not Your Mother’s After Curfew Unscented Hairspray, $5. If you really can’t get behind the idea of spraying hairspray on your face, opt for a setting spray. We like Milani Make it Last Setting Spray, $10.

4. Another use for that hairspray? Spray down your feet, let them dry and then slip them in your heels to prevent that whole sweaty-feet-sliding-around-in-your-shoes situation. This should also make heels much more comfortable.

5. Usually wearing a strapless bra means a night of pulling up your dress and readjusting. Forget that! If your bra has removable straps, leave one strap on and wrap it around your torso just under your bra, then hook it in place where the other strap goes to give extra support. Alternatively, invest in some Braza Bra Flash Tape, $8, to keep everything in place.

6. Can you name the three essential items to bring in your purse on prom night? They are: your lip color (for touch-ups), a mini deodorant (just in case) and, this is the big one, blotting papers! After a few fast songs, chances are your face will be a little slick. Soak up that oil with our tried-and-true favorite: Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets, $6. Forgot them? Rip off a corner of a toilet seat cover and use that to dab your face! It’ll do in a pinch!

7. Make your perfume last all night with these fragrance hacks: spritz it on your hairbrush before running it through your hair, apply it to your pulse points (behind the ear, in the crook of your elbow, on the inside of your wrist, and behind your knee) and then when you’re all dressed and ready, spray a little in the air and walk under the cloud of scent to perfume your gown! Take caution: if you spray directly on your dress, it might ruin the fabric or stain it. Spray two or three cotton swabs with your perfume, seal them in a plastic sandwich bag, and stash them in your purse for a fragrance touch-up later!

8. Keep a bronzy glow going all night! Using a big, fluffy powder brush, add a little of your bronzer to your chest, dust some highlighter on the tops of your shoulders, and ever so subtly add contour to your collar bones. We like the e.l.f. Contour Palette, $6, which has all of those golden glow necessities in one!

9. Curling your hair? Try this pro tip to make your ringlets last all night without falling straight. Using a one-inch barrel iron, take the freshly curled, still-hot section of hair and pin it in a twist with a bobby pin against your scalp. Allow it to cool, and then unpin and spray with hairspray! The cooling-down process locks in the curl so it stays put and won’t go flat.

10. If you’ve got a dress with cutouts, a low back or a deep V neck, and you’re wondering what kind of bra to wear, use athletic tape instead! The tape is used by athletes for sports injuries, but it works great as a DIY sticky bra because it’s waterproof, sweatproof and you can place it however you need! Check out this YouTube tutorial for a quick how-to!

And then, tah-dah! You’re all set and ready to dance the night away worry-free!