divergent ten things

1. Divergent is part of a book trilogy—Divergent was first published in 2011, Insurgent in 2012 and Allegiant in 2013.

2. The movie was filmed true to the book’s setting in Chicago, and there was even a set built out in the open in the bustlting city.

3. Miles Teller (in fact, a lot of the guys) first auditioned for the role of Four.

4. Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley may play a brother/sister duo in Divergent, but they will star as each other’s love interests in The Fault in Our Stars, out this summer.

5. Filmmakers used the covername “Catbird” when filming in public.

6. Author Veronica Roth found herself on the New York Times bestsellers list at the age of 22—thanks to Divergent, of course!

7. There is an additional book, Free Four, which is the Divergent knife-throwing scene written from the perspective of Four.

8. Veronica’s least favorite book to write was Insurgent.

9. Divergent was not originally planned to be a trilogy.

10. The story was also not always set in Chicago.